Note to Freshmen

Dear freshmen!
We sincerely congratulate you on your enrolment to I.Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University!
This page was created to help you navigate the library and information space of the University. The I.Horbachevsky TNMU library is an important structural unit of the University, which combines library and information functions with key elements of University technological services. The library is not just a place of book publishing and book storage, but the educational and scientific centre of the university, which is connected to the world’s information resources and provides quick and convenient access to them, is at the centre of academic and research processes at TNMU. The library organically combines traditional and modern information resources.
The library fund includes more than 360,700 copies of books and magazines. It includes educational, scientific, popular science, reference, rare, informative and bibliographic publications on medicine and biology in Ukrainian and foreign languages ​​(on traditional and electronic media), socio-political and artistic publications, etc.
Since 2015, the library staff has been maintaining an electronic catalogue that includes about 180,000 records. The library works in the automated information and library system IRBIS-64.
What library and information services does the library provide?
Library, bibliographic and information services;
Provision of information regarding the fund, book security, etc.;
Ensuring users’ access to the library’s document and electronic resources;
Consultative assistance in finding necessary information, execution of thematic, bibliographic and factual graphic references.
Carrying out thematic selection of literature;
Providing consultations on compilation and design of bibliographic lists of literature for essays, scientific, course and diploma theses.
Conducting mass events;
Conducting group and individual tours through the library and a short thematic overview of the book collection;
Book and illustration exhibitions.
What should a library user know?
Use of the university library is free.
One can sign up for the library with a subscription to educational literature by presenting student card and passport.
The entry is valid in all sections of the library;
The record is valid for the duration of the student’s studies at the University, but must be re-registered annually on the educational literature subscription.
Student services are provided with a student ticket.
The library provides readers with literature for temporary use.
Users should treat books, magazines and other documents with care:
return them within the prescribed period;
do not tear out pages;
do not underline.
Textbooks and are issued on a subscription for the study period of the discipline (semester, cycle, module or academic year). After completing the study of the subject, the user must return the used literature to the library.
Literature from the funds of the reading rooms is not allowed home.
Readers who cause damage to the library fund are financially and administratively responsible.
On the website of the University and the Library, on the eve of textbook issuance, the “Textbook Issuance Schedule” is posted, where the time of receiving a set of textbooks for the semester is determined. Textbooks and educational books are issued to students with a subscription to educational literature. To receive literature on a user card, a student must present a student card. Subscription literature is issued for home use.
Pay attention! Books are not issued to the student until the student is fully settled for the previous academic year.
What are the rules for using literature in the reading rooms?
In the reading rooms, students can work with documents that are available in the library in limited quantities, as well as periodicals, encyclopaedias, rare and valuable books, thesis, thesis abstracts, etc.
Pay attention! It is forbidden to take literature out of the reading room.
Reading rooms available for students:
Reading room of the main building of the library (Sichovi Striltsi Str., bld. 8)
Branch of the reading room (Kotsiubynskyi Str., bld. 18a, dormitory nr. 3).
We advise you to familiarize yourself with the library’s reference and search system in detail from the first days of using the library.
The reference and search system is a system of catalogues and card indexes that reveal the composition, content, and location of publications included in the library fund.
The alphabetical catalogue provides information about the publications available in the library using cards of bibliographic descriptions of documents arranged in alphabetic order by the surnames of authors or titles of publications.
The systematic catalogue provides information about publications available in the library using cards of bibliographic descriptions of documents located in certain fields of knowledge.
The subject catalogue provides information about articles from periodicals using cards of bibliographic descriptions of documents.
The electronic catalogue contains the following bibliographic databases:
Catalogue of books of the I.Horbachevsky TNMU library
Catalogue of thesis, thesis abstracts, Master’s theses
Subject catalogue of articles from professional periodicals
Systematic index of articles from periodicals
Local history card index
Card index of works of teachers of I.Horbachevsky TNMU
Catalogue of valuable and rare publications
Catalogue of magazines and continuing editions
The electronic catalogue is constantly updated and offered for use on the Internet.
Advantages of the Electronic catalogue:
multi-faceted search – by author, by title, by keywords, by year of publication;
information on the number of publications;
abstract, content, subject headings;
the possibility to download and print the list of literature found.
One need to know:
The right to use the library is available to: students, graduate students, doctoral students, professors and teaching staff and employees of structural units of TNMU.
The library’s working hours are set in accordance with the university’s internal work schedule.
Educational literature is issued on a subscription basis for a semester or an academic year in the amount corresponding to educational plans and programs.
The procedure for access to library funds, the list of basic services and the terms of their provision are determined by the “Rules for using the library”.
Does the library have computers and Internet?
In the library reading room, one can work on computers connected to the Internet, as well as on own computer using a WI-FI connection.
How to find out about library news?