Bihunyak, TV Medical biology = Медицинская биология: textbook / TV Bihunyak; Ternopil State Medical University by I. Ya. Horbachevsky. – 2nd ed., Unchanged. – Ternopil: TSMU “Ukrmedknyha”, 2020. – 214 г.

200 прм.

Summary: This textbook is written according to program for foreing first -year students of higher medical educational establishment on Medical Biology . The indicated program conrains with a main circle of problems which one compound nature of cytology , genetics and medical parasitology and its are required to the future doctors in their activity . 

61 (084)
Bandrivsky, Yu. L. Atlas of oral neoplasms = Атлас новообразований челюстно-лицевой области: textbook / Yu. L. Bandrivsky, OO Bandrivska, OV Avdeev; I. Horbachevsky Ternopil state medical university. – Ternopil: TNMU “Ukrmedknyha”, 2019. – 47 г .: Il.

30 прм.

Summary : The textbook corresponds to the content of the curriculum on «Surgical Dentistry» and «Pediatric Surgical Den- stry» and is aimed for students dentists, interns and doctors of dentistry for better further orientation and successful iagnostics and differential diagnosis of neoplasms of the maxillofacial area. The textbook for students of dental departments of higher medical education institutions of IV levels of : creditation and doctors interns – dentists.

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Luellman, H. Color Atlas of Pharmacology [Text] / H. Luellman, K. Mohr. – 5th ed. – Stuttgart; New York; Delhi: Thieme, 2018. – 444 г .: 174 Сolor plates.

2 прм.

Summary : The Fifth Edition of Luellmann’s Color Atlas of Pharmacology has been extensively revised to include all recent advances and new drugs, and the illustrations have been optimized and updated. Each two-page spread presents concise text on the left complemented by detailed full -color illustrations on the right to help users quickly digest important facts and concepts . Color-coded sections provide readers with a helpful framework with which to approach the latest developments in pharmacology .Part 1, General Pharmacology, explains basic aspects, such as drug absorption, distribution, and elimination, along with the molecular mechanisms of drug actions Part 2, Systems Pharmacology, presents the different groups of drugs, emphasizing their functional and therapeutic aspects Part 3, Therapy of Selected Diseases,
Key features:

  • User-friendly format ideal for study and review, self-assessment, and quick reference
  • Completely revised and updated, with 174 color plates
  • New glossary of important and interesting pharmacological terms
  • Updated detailed drug indexes containing current information on drugs listed by both generic and brand names

The Fifth Edition of  Color Atlas of Pharmacology  is an essential study guide and reference for every student, nurse, and practicing physician needing to keep up to date with recent advances in the field.


Physical basis of medical devices = Физические основы медицинского оборудования: textbook / VD Didukh [et al.]; I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University. – 2nd ed., Revised. – Ternopil: TSMU “Ukrmedknyha”, 2020. – 276 г.

370 прм. 

Summary : The textbook discussed the physical basis of functioning of medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment . Tutorial includes a large number of pictures which promoted better assimilation of the principles of operation of medical equipment . The structure and content of the textbook are adapted to the experimental curriculum titled “Medical physics of diagnostic and medical equipment”, which was initiated in 2013-2014 academic year at SHEI “I. Horbachevsky Temopil State Medical University by of MPH of Ukraine”.The book is intended primarily for the students of I. Horbachevsky Tsmopil National Medical University by of MPH of Ukraine, but can be useful for other students studying at higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels, as well as for teachers, researchers,


Pawlina, Wojciech . Histology [Text]: a Text and Atlas: with Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology / International edition / W. Pawlina, MH Ross. – 8th ed. – Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer, 2020. – 1045 гг.: Il.

2 прм.

Summary : Combining a reader-friendly textbook and a rich, full-color atlas, this bestselling resource equips medical, dental, health professions, and undergraduate biology and cell biology students with a comprehensive grasp of the clinical and functional correlates of histology and a vivid understanding of the structural and functional details of cells , tissues, and organs. Updated content throughout the text reflects the latest advances in cellular and molecular biology , accompanied by large, high-resolution illustrations and full-color photomicrographs that clarify microanatomy in vibrant detail. Ideal for integrated curriculums as well as standalone histology courses, This proven approach is accompanied by popular pedagogical features that distill complex information and help students save time . “Two-in-one” approach supplements clearly written chapters with dynamic atlas illustrations to enhance understanding at the point of learning . Updated content equips students with the most current, clinically relevant understanding of cellular and molecular biology. 435 high-resolution, full-color digital photomicrographs across more than 100 atlas plates clarify key structures. Updated full-color illustrations and clinical images refine students ‘understanding of microanatomy and cell and molecular biology in rich detail .Updated Histology “101” Notebook reviews summarize chapter content in a concise, notebook-style format preferred by students. Color-coded text highlights key terms and clinical information for fast , efficient reference. Boxed “Folders” familiarize students with conditions they may encounter on rotations during clerkship .