Library of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University is a training, scientific, informational, cultural and educational unit of the University, which provides information support for the educational process and scientific work, and provides assistance in training of highly qualified medical specialists.

Library of the institution was found in July 1957 in accordance with the order of the rector of Ternopil Medical Institute nr. 21 of June 27. The first director of the institute’s library was Gerasymenko P.S. The librarians Klymchuk D.O. and Wenger S.I. worked with him together.

During 1957-1959, the library of the medical institute was located in the building of Biological Department on Teatralna Square, occupying 2 rooms on the first floor, and the reading room was located in auditorium nr. 3 of the administrative building (building of Physiological Department) on Maidan Voli Str. At the end of 1959, the library’s book fund numbered 11,250 copies of documents, mainly educational literature. Most of them were transferred from exchange funds of other libraries.

In the following years, the library worked in the building of Morphological Department of the medical institute with three specialists-librarians: Gerasymenko P.S., Wenger S.I. and Klymchuk D.O. Subscription and a reading room were at the service of users. The library fund included 12,400 copies of documents.

With the development of the educational institution, the material and technical base of the library improved year by year, the book fund increased, the number of employees and users increased, new departments were found, and the process of computerization and automation began.


In 2005, the library received separate premises on Sichovi Striltsi Str, bld. 8.

In different years, the staff of the library was headed by Mocharska A.V., Grygorieva N.Yu., Klymchuk D.O., Taranenko D.M. and Havryshchak I.I. From the day the library was found, people for whom it became a native home, about which well-being they were concerned, giving it their knowledge and energy, worked in it. A significant contribution to the development of the library is made by such veterans of library business as: Barchuk V.G., Bozhkevych L.R., Bozhko S.P., Havlich A.M., Galushkova V.S., M. P. Gurba M. P, Danylchuk M.S., Zaviriuha L.A., Zakoretska L.O., Klitsun L.V., Koval L.D., Kolesnikova O.M., Malyuta Ya.Yu., Sai T.O., Sydor V.P., Stadnyk I.L., Shmyndiuk H. M. and others.

In 2015 Protsiv O.Ya. became the director of the library of Ternopil I.Horbachevsky State Medical University.

Having passed a glorious historical path, preserving traditions, the University library fulfils its main mission – to support the institution of higher education in conducting educational process and research work.

Currently, the following people are working in the library: deputy director Galaichuk V.P., head of the document collection and processing department Kish L.M., head of the fund maintenance and storage department Demkiv Ye.S., head of the information and bibliographic department Vodiuk N.P., leading librarians Hryskiv V.V. and Romaniv L.O., bibliographers of the 1st category Kozii N.M., L.M. and Kryskiv N.P., librarians of the 1st category Pushkar S.O., Galat G.M., Dombrovska S.G., Stasyshyn I.I., Kharitonova G.E., Shpunar S.R, Kovalska T.B., Dreval N.O., Kushnir L.B., Maiovetska T.S., II category librarianSeredynska I.V., librarian Syvenka N.D. In the premises of the library, a modern reading room for teachers, graduate students and students has been arranged, which is divided into several functional zones – an area for working with documents, an Internet room for 12 workplaces, a sector of periodicals, a place for holding scientific forums, round tables, meetings, presentations.

Thanks to the introduction of ABIS IRBIS and the barcoding of documents of the publisher in the library reading room is now automated.

A hall of catalogues and card libraries is also organized. Here users can get information about the availability of a particular publication in the library by searching in the electronic or traditional (paper) catalogue. For the convenience of searching in the electronic catalogue, special search terminals are installed in the hall.

The library fund of the library includes 389,669 copies of documents. A wide range of scientific, educational, artistic, reference and informational literature is presented here. At the users’ service there are textbooks, manuals, multi-volume encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks, monographs, abstracts of thesis and theses, works of domestic and foreign classics, modern writers, documents on electronic media, medical periodicals since 1957. The highlight of the library fund of the university book collection is a collection of valuable and rare documents, which includes many unique medical publications.

The local computer network of the library unites more than 40 modern computers, most of which are provided for free access by users. Visitors have the opportunity to use the Internet in the reading room. Their services include Wi-Fi, Skype, access to electronic catalogues, databases of specialized medical journals, and electronic books.

The newest channel of access to various library services and electronic resources is the website of the university library, which allows providing a qualitatively new level of user service. The reader has the opportunity from his home computer to access the library website on the Internet and get the necessary information about the available literature, pre-print the list for order, get acquainted with the announcement of planned events, etc.

Providing free access to Scopus, WebofScience, HІNARI, FreeMedicalJournals, BioMedCentral, PubMed, ScienceDirect, etc., databases, makes it possible to find and obtain necessary materials, full-text articles from more than 3,000 professional foreign journals, books, compendiums, databases, including Blackwell, ElsevierScience, theHarcourtWorldwide STM Group, WoltersKluwerInternationalHealthandScience, SpringerVerlag, JohnWiley. Visitors of the University library are served by the fund maintenance and storage department, the document collection and scientific processing department, and information and bibliographic department.

The fund maintenance and storage department includes educational and scientific subscriptions, a reading room and its branches. Users have a powerful reference and bibliographic apparatus, which consists of 8 card catalogues and card libraries and 8 databases (electronic catalogues and card libraries) with a total amount of more than 177,000 records at their disposal.

The University library meets the information needs of teachers, graduate students and students of the educational institution, carries out work on library funds disclosure, popularization of educational, scientific and non-fiction literature, encyclopaedias and scientific books, dissemination of library and bibliographic and informational knowledge among students.

The generation of modern library specialists is a team in the prime of creative power, which is always ready for new searches, initiatives and undertakings.

The University library is not only funds, users and the latest technologies, but also a powerful, highly professional team of like-minded people who are in constant creative search and development.